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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Down To The Woods

I really wish I was better at blogging than I am. I'm going to have to properly put aside time to do this.
This blog is meant to be about parties, craft and cooking. So far I've posted about a gingerbread house, and some glass etching, so it must be time for a party!!

Every year I have a themed birthday party. Sometimes big. Sometimes small. Sometimes inside. Sometimes outside.
This year, my 27th, was an outside party that I called Down To The Woods. It was a few months ago now, but that doesn't matter!
My invitations
I always send invitations, the old fashioned way. But nowadays I rely on facebook for RSVPs. I put this together using photoshop, but I purchased my clipart from etsy as I'm not so good with the graphics side of it.

So the fun part of parties is always the planning. I took a table to the park and covered it with food. A few years ago I had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, and being a sweet tooth I provided heaps of awesome junky food, but forgot about anything healthy for my poor savoury friends! This year, as I had also been improving my own diet, I had a lot more good foods on my table too.

My favourite thing on the table (by looks that is. For eating its Fairy Bread. ALWAYS fairy bread!) was the sugar cookies! I didnt have time to make my own cookies from scratch, so I just decorated Marie biscuits as owls and hedgehogs to match my theme. 
Hedgehog and Owl cookies

fairy bread
mushroom and toadstools

Me (dressed as a gnome) and my table and the bunting I made and lanterns I decorated with
I found the big lanterns at The Reject Shop and loved them, so I bought them. The small ones I got from Party Affair. The bunting I made out of fabrics I had been collecting for a few months. They're either patterns in my colour theme, or woodland print.
As my parties are always themed, I like people to dress up. Most of my friends did, at least a touch. One friend of mine brought his toddler along in a gorgeous eeyore onesie. I also cut out some little woodland animal ears and made people who didn't bring a costume wear them.

It turned out to be a beautiful day to sit in the sunshine with some friends for a few hours and the food was enjoyed by all.  I havent entirely decided on a birthday theme for next year, but I do know that on June 13th this year I will be turning 10 000 days old. So I'm having a cupcake party to celebrate!